22 Nov

North Start CMC Real Estate Techonologies – GIS Systems for real estate websites

It is quite evident that real-estate industry is taking a shift to another dimension. You as a real estate agent need to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Real estate is a booming industry and in such a sector you can shake hands with many potential clients but eventually making a few or no deals at all. As much as it is a promising business, at times it gets trickier than it seems. Potential buyers have changed their buying patterns and as a realtor you need to understand their mind.

Most potential buyers will simply check what is available online before they go forth to visit the premise. Owning a website is very important if you are to venture into real estate as you will look to capture such leads. Unfortunately, it is not just a matter of having a website that will generate sales; but the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of the website.

At North Start CMC Real Estate Technologies we are dedicated to provide the best of services to our clients. With a dedicated team of professional developers we believe in quality which keeps us in the business. We develop among the most effective yet proficient websites for real estate agents. Prior to your experience in the real estate business we employ the best technology to provide the best of services to your clients.

Here is a look at one of the technology that has hit the real estate industry with a bang:-

North Start CMC Real Estate Technologies – GIS Systems for real estate websites

GIS stands for Geographic Information System. Generally, this system is developed to provide geographic data fro various purposes. The GIS system has been modified so that it can be easily integrated into a real estate website. The system has been made with various databases and information that will generate accurate data, facts, and information required.

Apparently, realtors that are using GIS integrated websites are recording more sales than before. This shows how effective GIS System can be to the real estate industry.

To better understand the capabilities of the GIS System lets look at some of the benefits you will have as a realtor.

1) Why GIS website is fundamental to success in real estate

GIS website can be described as a fundamental or critical tool for success in the real estate industry. As a realtor you understand that real estate is all about location and basically, GIS system is build with this in mind. In essence, a website with GIS system allows your potential clients to choose a property in reference to demographic data or information.
2) Why GIS give real estate professionals a competitive edge

GIS system on a Real estate website gives the agent a competitive edge. Considering all the data and information that is required by an investor prior to his or her purchase, GIS is an ideal tool to help your client find the best property. We all understand how competitive the real estate business can get, and one should seize every opportunity to capture a lead.
3) Location-based analysis allows you to integrate a wide variety of data into one

GIS system website will allow you to integrate a wide variety of data into one using location-based analysis. In a more simplified manner, GIS system enables to one to analyze a wide range of data and information based on a particular location. Clients looking to purchase a property in a certain area will have more than enough information available to help him or her make an informed decision.
4) How GIS allows for property market value analysis in real time

One of the major challenges to clients in real estate business is property assessment including the property taxes and many other real estate taxes. Though such information is mostly available for the public, acquiring such data is somehow expensive considering it is in a more complex format for the client to easily make use of. GIS system has been designed to acquire accurate real time data and perform a sequence of related calculations to provide the investor with simple real time market value of a property in relation to its geographical location.
5) How GIS allows realtor websites to convert more leads

The real value of a website is to convert more leads. An efficient business website is one that will convert more leads to sales. Considering a situation where a serious client used your website to try and find a property to purchase, if he or she doesn’t find anything impressive, you quickly loose that lead as he will search else where. GIS system reduces the risk of loosing such leads by providing tools by which the client can query in relation to his requirements. This enables for easy and faster way of finding the desired property.
Testimonials from realtors that have had success with GIS system websites

Peter Richards

Hello, I am a real estate agent in Miami. For years, I couldn’t harness the potential in real estate industry. Sure the properties were always there the main problem was getting the right information at the right time. I used to get traffic to my website very often but unfortunately the conversion rate was so low.

I can say I was doing averagely until I came across the real estate websites that have been integrated with GIS systems. I went for it and ever since the upgrade my lead conversion has hit the roof. Am so grateful for such a system, I would definitely recommend.

Peter Jameson

I didn’t imagine that taking the real estate business online had this much potential, I am making more sales than I expected. GIS integrated website is the best tool for realtor; it has made my work a lot easier. It is definitely a bargain considering the benefits
GIS system is the best thing to ever happen to the real estate industry, with so much useful information to capitalize on there is no limit to what your business can achieve.

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